How we search for and apply for jobs has changed radically over the years because of the influx of job posting sites and career sites. When you rely on the best job search sites to find your first career job, to change careers, to find a new employer, or even to find part-time employment, you get many benefits, including the following:

Many of the best job search sites will pull jobs from a wide variety of sources and put them in one location so you can search more quickly and have access to hiring opportunities you might not come across.

The best job search websites and mobile apps often let users save their resume directly on the site and apply for many positions quickly and easily.
When you’re applying for jobs with the best job search engines, one of the common features is the ability to look back at saved jobs quickly, and also to see jobs you’ve submitted your resume for, allowing you to streamline and organize your job search.

These are just a few of the many benefits of using the best websites to find jobs.


7 tips for making a good impression at your new job

The first month in a new job is arguably one of the most critical, as it can set the tone for your entire tenure with the company. Your actions and reactions can make or break your reputation at your new company and can impact your entire career, says Todd Dean, co-founder and CMO of mobile employment app Wirkn. Here are Dean's six tips for making your first month at a new role one of your best.


LA Startup Wirkn Makes Your Job Application Stand Out

Let’s be honest, employers don’t like the process of finding employees and job candidates feel the process of application process could be better. While in some ways the conventional systems is efficient, it is sacrificing the aspect that everyone wants in their day…spontaneity. Wirkn, the startup that is making job searching fun, lets you share your story digitally with a company and allows you to actually make an impression of who you are outside the context of some text on a resume. With a recent partnership with Kik, the company lets you apply to multiple jobs maximizing reach and efficiency in your job search process. So instead of trying to add pizzazz to your resume in order to get recognized, you can just be yourself and let your personality do the talking.

LA TechWatch sits down with cofounder Todd Dean to discuss the hundreds of opportunities available on their platform and how you can take advantage of the product.

Starting a new job can be stressful and exciting. You want to make sure you succeed at your new company, so you try to make a good impression by meeting your boss' expectations. But even though you may try to learn the ropes, it can still take some time to get acclimated to your new job's culture. And, in fact, usually the first three months in your new position are an extension of the interview process. It's important to show up every day ready to prove what you have promised you would deliver.

The growing popularity of messaging platforms, paired with rapid advances in A.I., is driving a new era of meaningful interaction with chabots. Just as browsers like Chrome and Firefox provide access to every web page, messaging platforms have begun to mirror that functionality to access branded conversational bots. A massive number of people — 1.4 billion monthly users — are now on messaging platforms and are spending an average of 23 minutes and 23 seconds a day on chat.


10 Smart Tips for Quitting Your Job

Deciding to leave a job isn't easy. It can be difficult to figure out if leaving is right for you, your family and your career. Quitting is often tied to general unhappiness or an inability to move up within a company, which can spur anger and spawn impulsiveness to quit on the spot. However, there are smarter and better ways to end a professional relationship.

Business News Daily spoke with experts for advice on properly (and professionally) leaving your job.


Conoce las aplicaciones para conseguir empleo

Encontrar empleo puede tardar meses y para muchos esto puede resultar desalentador.

Para facilitar la búsqueda de trabajo, las personas pueden descargar una gran variedad de aplicaciones móviles.

¡Revisa tu alcancía! Esta moneda podría darte una fortuna

Por ejemplo, existe Wirkn, y es perfecta para aquellos que quieren trabajar en hotelería o ventas y en la ciudad donde viven.

La aplicación también permite que los usuarios creen videos de presentación.
Otra aplicación, JobAware, compara los salarios de algunos trabajos en diferentes ciudades. Además ofrece varios recursos y consejos para encontrar empleo.

Pero si la persona desea conectarse con otras de su misma área de trabajo, asistir a conferencias y a otros eventos profesionales, puede utilizar Reach.

Otro reptil sorprende a hombre en un inodoro
Sin embargo, Raúl García, experto en tecnología, resalta que son muchas las personas que descargan estas aplicaciones, pero que para competir con los demás, hay que destacarse de una manera única.


Job Hunting Apps

Whether you’re a recent graduate, looking for a summer job, or seeking to change careers, job hunting apps can give you an advantage over others in the market.

I have three you might not have heard of yet.

Job hunters looking for nearby jobs in retail or hospitality should consider the app called Wirkn. It finds local employers who are hiring and you canapply to multiple jobs at the same time. Wirkn even allows you to make video cover letters and it has networking capabilities with co-workers once you’ve landed a gig. The app is free for iOS and Android.


What's App With That?

Whether you're a recent graduate, looking for a summer job, or seeking to change careers, job hunting apps can help you find that perfect position.

WEAU’s Courtney Everett and Jesse Horne shared a few of their favorites in Thursday’s "What's App with That?" segment.

Job hunters looking for nearby jobs in retail or hospitality should consider the app called Wirkn. It finds local employers who are hiring and you can apply to multiple jobs at the same time. Wirkn even allows you to make video cover letters and it has networking capabilities with co-workers once you've landed a gig. The app is free for iOS and Android.


5 Ways to Get a Last-Minute Summer Job

With Memorial Day behind us, it’s officially summer in our minds. (And for those still in school for a few more days or weeks, it’s close enough.) But that doesn’t mean it’s too late to find a summer job and earn some extra cash. Though your options may be more limited than they were a few months ago, plenty of companies — whether corporate, retail, food service, or beyond — are still in hiring mode. You just have to arm yourself with a few strategies for landing a last-minute gig, and keep an open mind in the process. “Be ready to say yes and jump into any job opportunity that comes your way,” Todd Dean, CMO and co-founder of job search app, Wirkn, tells Teen Vogue. “You have to make securing a job your priority and keep an open mind. You never know what type of experience, referrals, and opportunities can come from a summer job.” Ahead, some tips from Dean and Derek Szeto, Wirkn’s CEO, on how to get hired this summer.


7 Ways to Get a Job Using Only Your iPhone

It’s officially job-hunting season. Whether you’re in search of a temporary summer gig, or a full-time career opportunity, the process can be a daunting one, to say the least. Where do you look for quality roles? How do you weed through all of the irrelevant posts? How do you make yourself stand out, and keep your applications from getting lost in the shuffle? There’s an app for that. The following seven apps can act as your best friends, your agents, and your advocates, making the tedious job search far less painful.


7 Ways to Make Some Easy Money This Summer

Summer is so close, we can taste it. But, with the realization that warm weather and school-free days are fast approaching comes the realization that the clock is ticking on landing a summer job. But it’s not too late. Whether you’re looking to make some extra pocket cash to fund your summer fun, or want a full-time, paying gig to keep you occupied until you go back to school, there are plenty of options outside the standard seasonal internship or retail clerk jobs.

1. Offer traditional neighborhood services.

In the age of digital everything, it’s easy to forget that there are still some jobs that exist outside the virtual realm. Derek Szeto, CEO of job search app, Wirkn, recommends offering your services for various tasks that your neighbors will inevitably need help with. “Make it known in your neighborhood that you are available at a moment’s notice to complete jobs during the summer,” he tells Teen Vogue. “Mowing the lawn, car-detailing, and babysitting can all add up and these jobs won’t require you to travel far to earn that extra buck.”

While we all know that resumes and applications--and anything else we submit on paper--take priority for getting our foot in the door with a new employer, there's one thing that ultimately determines whether or not we get the job: The interview. How do we nail it? Read on to find the one question you should definitely be asking--and why it works so well.

Interviews are crucial for employers to put a face to a name, as well as to see whether or not they think the person would be a good fit for the company. That being said, it's of utmost importance not only to put your best foot forward, but also to show that you can add something to their team. When interviews do fail, they leave so many applicants wondering just what they did wrong. The trick to circumventing this problem, however, is actually easier than it seems.

Sometimes, the solution is simply to ask.

According to Francois Jobin, co-founder and Chief People and Operations Officer of local job search site Wirkn, the one question to ask is this:

"Have I said anything in this interview or given you any other reason to doubt that I am a good fit for the role?"

This question clearly demonstrates your confidence to the interviewer, and your true intent on getting the job (which may be exactly what the interviewer is looking for in you, and may itself lead to a job offer).

In addition, by asking directly for critical feedback, you accomplish three important things--even if you aren't offered the job. First, you are able to discover how the interview affected your chances of being hired. Second, it can also allow you to clarify issues that may have served as pitfalls during the interview process that you didn't even notice. Finally, it's a great way to get personalized tips in order to better prepare for your next interview should it be necessary. After all, the only thing worse than making a mistake is not learning from it--and making the same mistake over and over again.

Although this question may seem overly bold and daring, it is one that's absolutely necessary to know how you're doing professionally. Who knows, by taking this small, short-term risk, you may just reap some very rewarding, long-term effects--such as landing that job.

It’s a strange thing to be interviewed for a job by a robot on your phone.

The robot in question in this case is Wirk’n, a chat “bot” found within the popular messaging app Kik. Bots are quasi-intelligent automated programs you “talk” to by text, the same way you might with a friend or relative.

In trying to find the right job for me, Wirk’n asked me six questions. Among them, “Who would you rather be friends with?” and “Which movie would you rather see?”

I picked Katy Perry and The Wolf of Wall Street from the respective options, leading the bot to proclaim me a “Party Animal.” A GIF of the Muppets’ Animal thrashing on his drum set illustrated the point.

Being a party animal apparently fits well in sales, which is presumably why the bot presented me with a couple of job openings at nearby retailers. Tapping on them took me to the full postings and further taps offered me the chance to apply.

If I’d followed through, I’d have sent my details to the prospective employers and had the chance to upload a 30-second video introducing myself. I’m quite happy with my current employment so I didn’t, but I quickly got the point of the bot: The process is simple, kind of fun and totally mobile.

Remember being in high school or college and on the job search grind? You just needed a job fast. The struggle of lugging that manila envelope full of resumes (even if it was the coolest resume ever) around to each store in the mall, putting on a cheerful face and hoping to catch the manager before they went on their lunch break was REAL. And we’re not talking about an awesome Apple or Google retail store, either. Imagine if there had been an app for that. Well, now there is! The kids today are so lucky.

Wirkn is a new app that connects job-seekers with retail employers, helping wannabe retail workers land great jobs from the comfort of their couches. But make no mistake, CMO and co-founder Todd Dean tells us that Wirkn definitely isn’t the easy way out. The app includes an option (and about 80 percent of users opt for it) to create a 30-second video cover letter, letting employers know more about you and your strengths, and giving you automatic valuable face time with hiring managers. “That’s one of the ways we’re driving quality candidates to these retailers,” Todd says. “You’re not just clicking on a link and uploading your CV. There’s a certain amount of effort required, which drives our user base to be more qualified.”


Job Search Bot is Latest Offering at Kik's Bot Shop

The use of new technologies to match job applicants with employers is becoming more prevalent. Online personality assessments, digital video interviews and even mobile video games are already in use in the job market.

The next stop is bots—those automated accounts that interact with users.

Teen messaging app Kik Interactive Inc. announced a partnership with mobile employment solution Wirkn April 19 and the addition of the job search bot designed to help youth enter the workforce.

Users could already chat with a number of brand-created automated accounts in Kik’s bot shop. They could, for instance, consult with an H&M “personal stylist” bot about building an outfit around a particular piece of clothing, or chat with the Weather Channel’s personal weather bot to get daily and seven-day forecasts.

Now, the newest job bot can chat about job opportunities and help employers find talent.

“Think of the Wirkn bot as a personal career coach that’ll help you find a job based on your availability, personality, interests, and location,” Kik said in a blog post.

How does it work? The Wirkn bot asks users a series of personality questions and then presents a list of job openings that may be good fits. Kik users can apply to a selected job by creating a profile and uploading a 30-second video cover letter.

Although Kik’s audience is primarily teenagers and young adults, older job seekers need not shy away. A Kik spokeswoman told Bloomberg BNA that the Wirkn bot is for anyone.


Land Your Dream Job With These Expert Advices

As a kid, you may have already been thinking what you wanted to be when you grow up. You may have wanted to be a dragon-slayer, an astronaut, a doctor or a world famous chef. For some, their dream jobs have changed while other's haven't.

But what does it take to land that dream job? According to Business News, it's a challenge that shouldn't stop you from getting it. The stress of job hunting may be pulling you down but if you follow these expert advices, you might be able to take on that dream job and jump-start your career trajectory to success.

Mobile employment solution Wirkn launches the first job search bot for Kik's messaging platform. The Wirkn Jobs bot profiles users through a series of questions, as well as a personality quiz, to present job opportunities tailored to their interests.


9 Expert Tips for Landing Your Dream Job

We all grow up with dreams of what we want to be someday, but landing that dream job isn't easy. Applying to jobs and going on interviews can be time-consuming and stressful. Plus, the companies you have your eye on may not even be hiring in the first place — or the right job for you might not even exist yet.

The good news is, it may be a challenge, but the stress of the job hunt doesn't have to stop you. If you go into your search fully prepared, you might just be able to turn your dream job into a reality.

Ready to take on the career of your dreams? Here's how to land the perfect job for you, according to business owners and career experts.

The Karen Hunter Show teaches the keys to entrepreneurial success in the industries of sports, politics, entertainment and so much more, directly from the celebrities and civilians who have personally created brands from the ground up.

Torin Ellis is a recruiting strategist and in this interview, he talks about how we can leverage chat bots for career & leisure. Listen in at the 5 minute mark to hear about the Wirkn Jobs Bot.

In recognition of the inspiration they're providing to the next generation of bold thinkers, three Toronto-area business leaders, including Wirkn's CEO, Derek Szeto, will be honoured at JA Central Ontario's third annual "Bold Thinkers Inspiring Leaders" luncheon on February 29 in Toronto.

Attended by business executives and JA Central Ontario's high school student entrepreneurs, the annual Bold Thinkers Inspiring Leaders event recognizes extraordinary business people from Central Ontario who serve as role models for tomorrow's business leaders.

Millennials, who are we? It depends who you ask, but the general consensus seems to be those of us born between 1980-1995. Following the footsteps of Boomers (1946-1964) and Gen X (1965-1980), hordes of Millennials (also called Gen Y) are now joining the workforce.

It’s estimated that by 2020, roughly half of the US workforce will be Millennials. Lee Caraher, the San Francisco-based author of the book Millennials & Management comments, “A business without Millennials is a business without a future.”

Read more at http://www.business2community.com/sales-management/key-hiring-retaining-millennial-sales-reps-01454486#IqPb2WZHpTh4GG4A.99


Le recrutement 2.0

Aujourd’hui, l’Internet, les réseaux sociaux et les appareils mobiles sont devenus indispensables à la vie quotidienne et s’imposent de plus en plus dans les stratégies d’embauche des organisations. Dans le contexte actuel où la recherche de main-d’œuvre peut s’avérer laborieuse, le recrutement en ligne se révèle une méthode efficace, en plus d’attirer la génération mobile à s’intéresser à votre commerce.


Wirkn raises $1.2M, hires Todd Dean as CMO

Wirkn is a “mobile employment solution” app, available for iOS and Android, that allows users to create a video profile giving them the ability to show their personality. The app attempts to go beyond simply getting hired, and encourages “building meaningful connections with your coworkers and your larger work community.”

Wirkn, a mobile employment solution targeted to young people, has secured $1.2 million in seed-stage financing. The round, which follows the $400,000 raised by the company last October, was led by Howard Stotland, the founder of STS Systems, and David Henning, a former executive with Epicor Retail.


Wirkn Announces $1.2 Million Financing Round

Toronto startup Wirkn has raised a $1.2 million seed round and appointed Todd Dean, former ALDO Vice President of Cross Channel and Ecommerce as the group's new Chief Marketing Officer.

The round was led by two North American retail software heavyweights - Howard Stotland (Founder of STS Systems) and David Henning (former EVP of Epicor Retail).


Everything you need to know about Wirkn

You’re never far from your mobile phone. And, if you’re like 47 percent of Millennials from the Jobvite 2015 Job Seeker Nation Study, you’re using it to search for jobs…everywhere. The mobile job search is so prevalent, in fact, that job seekers are using their mobile devices to search for jobs during their commute, in bed, and on the toilet!


Décrocher un emploi avec son téléphone intelligent

Une «start up» montréalaise a créé une application pour aider les jeunes chercheurs d’emploi à décrocher du travail en utilisant leur téléphone intelligent. En six mois, Wirkn a été téléchargé à 40 000 reprises au Canada et aux États-Unis, par des travailleurs et des employeurs.

Join host Jim Beach everyday at 6:00am and 6:00pm EST as he interviews entrepreneurs and great authors that can help you grow your business, or start one. Jim interviews Wirkn CEO Derek Szeto.


Toronto startup makes it easier to find a new job

If you've been on the hunt for a job anytime in the past few years, you've probably had to navigate some convoluted, impersonal online screening systems, clicking through dozens of pages that reduce your entire work history and personal skill set to a few drop-down dialog boxes. What if you could just pull up local employers near you on a map, check out available positions, and apply in the blink of an eye?


Is Mobile Job Search The Way Forward?

Canadian entrepreneur and Wirkn founder/CEO, Derek Szeto, thinks so. His mobile job search and recruitment platform is novel and ‘candidate-centric’. I asked Derek about his business and his vision to bring together employment search success, mobile and social media.


A Wirkn example of collaboration at Kinetic Café

“It’s about saving the companies time and investment,” Chan adds. “If I know your personality and can see your communication skills, I can tell if you’re better matched.”

Toronto-based startup Wirkn looks to help Target employees find a new replacement job via their mobile platform aimed at retail and hospitality workers. The startup is guaranteeing a replacement job for Target Canada workers in 90 days and if not successful, they’ll get a “package of career counselling, resume writing, digital recruitment training and other support services valued at up to $2,000 per person for free.”


3 Ways to Disrupt a Crowded Market

Even with a ton of competition, it’s not at all impossible to launch a unique, in-demand business. Consider the experiences of Derek Szeto, CEO of Wirkn, an app that helps young job-hunters identify and apply for positions more quickly, and the guest of this week’s BusinessCast podcast.

Wirkn, Inc., a Toronto, Canada-based mobile employment solution, raised $400k in funding. The round was led by Kinetic Companies Inc. with participation from a group of private angel investors. The company intends to use the funds to launch its solution.

...gives users the ability to create a video profile that gives them the ability to “Show Your Personality” to apply for employment — certainly a different direction that rivals Workopolis and Monster with the standard job postings. The app goes beyond getting hired and encourages “building meaningful connections with your coworkers and your larger work community.”

Wirkn is aimed at youth, targeting the retail and hospitality industry, which represents more than 15.4 million employees in North America, where at least 70% of all retail jobs are part-time. With 39% of retail employees being under the age of 28, mobile is the perfect platform to help youth find opportunities to develop their skills and explore the workforce, according to the Toronto-based company.